Scholarship offered for Australian Research Training Program (RTP).

Scholarship offered for Australian Research Training Program (RTP).

Australian Govt. Master/Ph.D. Degree.

Deadline: varies. April-Oct (annually) in Australia.

Course Starts: (2018/2019).


A vital opportunity offset to attract and retain domestic and Internation students to support undertaking Research Master Degrees and Research Doctorate, known as (HDRs) Higher Degrees by Research. (IPRS) International Post Graduate Research Scholarship program was ceased and then replaced by (RTP) Research Training Program, enacted from 1st January 2017. (RTP) extensively providing block grants to (HEPs) Higher Education Providers on the calendar year basis.

Host Institution: Participating Universities across Australia.

Number of Awards: Not specified yet.

Level/Field of Study: Master or Doctorate degree by research by participating Universities in Australia.

Target group: Domestic and International students.

Scholarship duration/value/incursion:

Under RTP program, a university is bound to provide following types of support to an RTP Scholarship Recipient:

  1. An RTP fees offset pays the tuition fees of higher degree by research (HDR) student that would otherwise to be paid by student itself.  This requires a host university fully responsible for offsetting tuition fee applicable for a student.
  2. An RTP Stipend to assists recipient students of scholarship with their living costs while undertaking a higher degree by research.
  3.  RTP allowances assist students for ancillary costs as well of a higher degree by research. This entails relocation costs to undertake HDR, HDR academic publications and printing costs and health allowances are secured for recipients and their dependents.
  4. RTP scholarships are available for the recipients for the maximum duration of 2 years for research Masters and for a minimum duration of 3 years, up to 4 years for a research doctorate degree based at the discretion of HEP.

Eligibility: To fell upon the eligibility criteria for RTP Stipend, RTP Offset, and RTP allowances, a student must be a domestic student or an overseas student enrolled in an accredited HDR course of study offered at Australian HEP. The basic eligibility criteria is also mentioned in section 1.5 of the Commonwealth Guidelines (Research) 2017.

Application Procedure:

To apply for RTP Scholarship, the application must be made directly before participating universities. Each university has its own application and selection procedure. You must contact your chosen university directly to discuss further details regarding the process to apply for the RTP Scholarship scheme. Deadline varies among participant universities that vary around April-October each year.

it is imperative to ask frequently asked questions and visit the website of chosen university where you want to apply, the official website link is attached below


Official Website:

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