Chevron International Reach Scholarship Program

Four-year grants, extending in an incentive from US$500 to US$2,500, and honorariums, going from US$1,000 to US$1,500, will be offered to offspring of Chevron Scholarship.

Honors, other than the non-inexhaustible honorariums, might be recharged for up to three extra years or until the point when a first degree or endorsement is earned, whichever happens first. Honors, other than the non-inexhaustible honorariums, to go to a two-year school or professional specialized school might be restored once. Reestablishment is dependent upon:

agreeable scholastic execution in a full-time course of study; proceeded with parental work at Chevron; and continuation of the program by Chevron.

Honors are for undergrad consider as it were. Grants are planned to help understudies as they seek after undergrad ponder and are NOT expected to cover all instructive costs. Beneficiaries are in charge of the adjust of subsidizing, including educational cost and expenses, books and supplies, everyday costs, and transportation

Chevron Scholarship Program Due Date


Candidates to the Chevron International REACH Scholarship Program must meet the accompanying criteria as of the application due date:

Be kids (living with the representative parent or other ward kids on Chevron’s advantages designs) of non-U.S.- finance dynamic workers of Chevron and its entirely possessed backups. This incorporates offspring of resigned representatives, and local accomplices’ youngsters (who must meet and keep on meeting the majority of the criteria nitty gritty in Chevron’s “Sworn statement of Domestic Partnership” and be inside enlisted with Chevron by having recorded an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership that has been acknowledged by Chevron).

Chevron International Reach Scholarship Program

In the event that Chevron parent worker is resigned, the retiree must not be utilized at a contender vitality organization.

Be as of now enlisted in the last year of secondary school/optional school and wanting to go to or at present selected in-an endorsed school, college or professional specialized school as a full-time understudy enlisted for the whole up and coming scholarly year. Offspring of non-US-finance workers presently enlisted in a first degree or endorsement program at an affirmed school, college, or professional specialized school may apply, however inclination will be given to understudies who intend to start post-auxiliary examination in the accompanying scholarly year.

Understudies arranging pre-college contemplate are not qualified. Understudies wanting to go to military institutes are qualified for one-time honorarium grants.

NameChevron Scholarship (MEng Mechanical and Chemical Engineering)AmountUp to £6,000AwardsUp to 6LevelUndergraduateSchoolSchool of Engineering and Physical SciencesAvailability

Year 3 understudies
Shut 14 Oct 2017

Points of interest

Chevron and Heriot-Watt University have a relationship extending back more than 30 years covering enlistment, research and learning exchange.

The Chevron Enhanced Level Scholarship is esteemed at up to £6,000. Beneficiaries of a grant will get £1,000 in year 3, £2,000 in year 4 and £3,000 in year 5 on their picked MEng degree program with the assets being paid in two sections for each scholastic year, e.g., in year 4, £1,000 toward the begin of Semester 1 and £1,000 toward the begin of Semester 2. Honor of the Scholarship in years 4 and 5 is dependent upon agreeable execution and accomplishment of a normal 60% check in the earlier year’s modules.


must not be in receipt of a grant from an association other than Chevron or Heriot-Watt University

should as of now be a registered year 3 understudy in either Chemical or Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University

must hope to advance onto a MEng degree program in either Chemical or Mechanical Engineering on section to year 4.

For additional data, please contact Steve Watson in the Scholarship and Go Global Office. Additionally points of interest are accessible in our leaflet. Present your applications utilizing the application frame and reference shapes connected.

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